The right timber for the garden pool

In addition to the classic, laid in the concrete bed pool can be seen now the swimming pool made of wood in countless German gardens. This pool variant is much easier to apply, provides an acceptable level of quality and can be built equally in stately sizes. So it is understandable that a number of German attack with joy for wood pool. In the basic structure of these pools are indeed all quite similar, but in detail the differences can be large. In this article we want to devote ourselves specifically to the question of what wooden garden pool because now fits best.

Generally, you should not neglect during the timber selection optical motives. First of all you must be clear about which garden pool would most find wood in your appeal. Additionally, you should ever merge the swimming pool in your mind with the rest of the garden. If the swimming pool, for example, is close to a terrace, the woods should best complement color pleasant, so no ugly color combinations or contrasts emerge.

In addition, the garden pool must also satisfy in any case the quality standards of wood. Inside, so the back pool pool, the wooden slats are good shielded usually using a pool liner, so threatened by no danger here by wetness. However, swimming in the swimming pool before spilling a lot of water on the outside of the wooden slats. If the wood is not here strong enough, ugly spots or at worst Fäule- or fungus can emerge. Therefore, the wood should be high-quality and pressure treated, so it can withstand the moisture well.

When finished pools especially the online manufacturer moreover often have very detailed information about the Garden Pool wood that has been used. If the site does not offer enough information for logging, storage and general quality, reputable manufacturers will e-mail also can provide detailed information on request.

Costs for a swimming pool

A swimming pool in the garden is still a luxury. Prices vary depending on the model between 200 euros and more than 10,000 euros. The cheaper models are mostly to circular tanks for standing in the garden. Plan involved the garden pool in the ground, you have to expect substantially higher cost.

That costs a swimming pool. An above ground pool, you can also get involved in the ground (Source: Thinkstock by Getty Images)

An above ground pool, you can also get involved in the ground (Source: Thinkstock by Getty Images)

Keep in mind that you not only need in this case, the pool, but depending on the size and depth of the swimming pools also have to hire a backhoe to dig the hole. The cost of construction and excavation work should not be underestimated. A straightened ground, which is often smoothed with concrete, is the basis for your pool and should therefore be carried out professionally. Many shops for Schwimmbadtechnik offer this service separately or refer you to specialists.

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In addition, falling at each garden pool or cost of equipment and other accessories at: pump, pool chemicals and Co. are essential to ensure a hygienic bathing experience. Do you want to integrate the pool visually appealing in your garden, you can transpose it by a pool border of natural stone or wood.

Swimming Pool GRP

The abbreviation “GRP” stands for “fiber reinforced plastic”. A so-called GRP pool, also called prefabricated pool, is a one-piece, prefabricated swimming pools. Opt for a swimming pool made of fiberglass, you can use it through the quick and easy installation usually after a few days. Note that providers of these basins transportation usually charge extra.

The fiberglass pools have a smooth surface and are therefore very easy to clean. A disadvantage of the basin is their susceptibility to osmotic damage. Therefore, pay attention to high quality of the purchase of swimming pools made of GRP. Tip: The seal of approval from the TÜV is a good indicator.

Garden pool with steel wall

Above have a steel wall and are usually around. From inside the pool are provided with a pool slide. However, a garden pool with steel wall is not only suitable for positioning in the garden: You can use the pool to sink into the soil, which they represent a cost-effective alternative to pools made of GRP. Both round and square ground pools you can dress up with wood, which creates a high-quality appearance.

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An advantage of this variant is the easy installation, you can also make yourself. Minor damage to the pool liner can be repaired using a repair kit. Above hold but experience has shown that less than one GRP pool.

Stainless steel basin

A pool of steel is by far the most expensive option. With cost of tens of thousands of euros to be stainless steel basin therefore less frequently encountered in the private sector. If the pool is not treated with care, there is a high risk of corrosion.

In public swimming pools and spa facilities, the trained personnel for adequate hygiene and maintenance of swimming pools made of stainless steel guarantees.

Build pool itself

Some of the models listed above, you can build yourself. In some pools, a manual is included as well as on the Internet you can find a suitable guide for almost any design.

So you can quickly save several hundred euros in costs. A little technical skill, however, is needed. Are you in the implementation of doubt, you should prefer the swimming pool can be built by skilled craftsmen.